13 June 2006


David Ronald Holmes, Kt, CMG, CBE, MC

26 Dec 1913-14 June 1981

My dad died 25 years ago today and I miss him.

Busy day:

  • My Greek lesson and taking in Tassia's moussaka for the lads to lunch on
  • Then out to hunt down some gizmo for the printer
  • Then some guests from Wales up to dinner
  • And so the list goes on - how time flies in Paradise.
  • Mum and I fitted in a visit in to his grave and I managed to get thru it without damfool tears welling.

    I haven't much to add that I haven't chugged out before in:

  • Saturday's Child
  • In Memoriam.

    Sir Ronald relaxing Greece; and Sir R and Lady Holmes at his knighthoodGoing thru the albums this afternoon, what do I come across but some rather nice snaps a relaxed Dad and some of his actual knighthood day.

    Gosh Mum looked nice; still does.

    sir ronald holmes and christopher holmes outside Buckingham PalaceAnd who is that fresh-faced elder son next to Patera?

    I remember that day as if it was some 30+ years ago: I was publicity manager for Cassell publishers and Nicholas Monsarrat had flown over from Malta for a meeting that included my promotional spiel. It was going to be touch-and-go getting back from Buckingham Palace in time.

    I didn't in fact make it but knew where to find them - in the pub - so I joined Nick et co there. As I walked in, Michael Felgate-Catt said "There's the man - missed your publicity routine but Nick's happy with the typed schedule. How'd it go at the Palace?"

    Monsarrat: Hello, old boy - large Chivas on the rocks? Which palace?"

    MF-C: "Buck House. Chris's dad got gonged today."

    NM: "Oh I say,well done ! This calls for more than the old rotgut ... landlord? Got a bottle or two of Mumms on ice? Jolly good. On my tab, as usual."

    And we were away.

    George of the Cemetery: One of the great unsung scandals on the isle attaches to George Psailas who single-handedly., 24/7, maintains the beautiful cemetery, unfunded and unaided.

    I'm to blame, you're certainly to blame. We're all to blame. I can hardly look him in the eye each time I visit the exquisitely maintained plots.

    I shall return to this subject with facts marshalled and suitably honed hrrmphings and bombast.

    There will not be Hilary Whitton Paipeti's graceful tutting about *my* finger wags.


    Sibadd said...

    I have made a reference to the British Cemetery and to George Psailas after getting an e-mail from Scotland about the Corfu Incident of 1946 and added a link to your blog comment in:

    Busker said...

    Most kind, I'm sure