03 June 2006

Life after Fromgrep?

So there I am ruminating on the Eternal Verities and wondering if there's any  social life after Fromgrep, and my eye falls on page 31 of S.A. Sofroniou's primer of "Modern Greek" (Phonetic introduction by J.T. Pring) and my next vocab exercise for Professor Bourloyiannis.

First column:

  • Breakfast
  • Mother
  • Garden
  • Car
  • Bar
By the Nine Gods of Clusium! I defy anyone to come up with a more succinct or poignant summary of life as a botanophobe mummy's boy, land-locked on a sun-benighted Greek isle inhabited solely by long-limbed fraüleins, bosomy nymphets from Da Vinci town (dread name!), and - er - boot-faced facsimile "wimmin" tucking into baked beans and chips, grunting in dour British accents of the northern dialect.

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