25 June 2006

Dodo in Mauritius

I know I act as if more interested in fleshier specimens, but this find of complete bones of a dodo is pretty darned exciting.

Come to think of it, I'm unsure what it is - a bird?


Anonymous said...

more importantly how does one pronounce Mauritius?

Busker said...

*Not* more importantly, in fact, since the only way I've heard it from time immemorial is "More-Ishus", ending as in Corfucius.
In fact, it's almost worth my journeying there so's to run a post, 'Corfucius to Mauritius'.
Such an odd comment that I'm wondering if there's less than meets the eye, or if I've mis-spelled something.
Anyway, all comments welcome and it was good to re-read the post, see its messy composition, and tidy it.