10 June 2006

pop star priest declaiming


I accidentally deleted the rat-shooting/tree sculpting post when I tried to update it with pics of new guns, forgetting that I didnt have the source html tucked away.

But it's a shame to lose the tree sculpture that I'm making my season's work so here are 2 pics in full size:

It's on the drive to the house, so will be a talking point once guests arrive.

Perceptions differ between the tree being a priest with upraised arm declaiming some holy message, to a Demis Roussos-type chanteur, hailing the faithful in the upper auditorium while cuddling the mic to his ample bosom.

I'm very tempted to go for the Corfucian chanteur priest.

I know the electricity wire seems to go thru his eyeball but that is an illusion; it is some distance behind.

priest giving finger

On the other hand, I hate to lose the "finger", especially since this is the first view one sees as one rounds the corner.

The facial hair needs tidying up and his raiment needs updating with some bling, but the yeoman digit is right there.

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