17 June 2006


horace the swallow

A couple of days ago, I walked into our lounge and there was a mouthy Horace the swallow on the carpet looking un peu bedraggled.

He'd obviously fallen from his nest and strolled into chez nous.

We found him some paper and a spittoon for home and I sliced up a juicy worm from le jardin and placed a saucer of Adam's Ale within beak's reach and set him below the main batch of nests in case his parents spotted him and could give him an impromptu lesson in wingery.

horace #2

Within 20 mins of turning my back he'd gone and we assumed he was awa' into the wide Ionian yonder.

Alas, I've started finding dead swallows on the lawn and they're Horace's build and youth ...

I don't reckon our lad made it. Posted by Picasa

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