30 June 2006

"View" Dumps The Plump

The dross one watches from the sofa of the cashless unemployed.

Nadir of my morning menu was that womanly gab fest, 'The View'.

The only contributors I remember are a squeaky young thing - clearly there for eye-candy - and the eternally tired-looking Barbara Walters.

But I do remember wondering how on *earth* the dumpy black lady held her seat week after week with nothing to say and clearly despised by the others.

*Finally*, she's been given the heave-ho and of course the laugh is that she's now more famous and articulate over the manner of her sacking, than all the shows thru which she sat just *looking* like sacking.

Addenda Galore: I *knew* I was right to home in on this one as having 'legs'.

The 'medically interventive' Bunterene is in further hot water for using her 'star' status to wangle 'euphoric' backhanders to further boost boudoir delights over her showbiz nuptials.

Pussyfooting: The rebounding joke on the show is, of course, that, had La Plumpa been la paler, she'd have been out sans ceremony.

Being of dusky hue, however, Ms Star needed eggshell treatment and the most delicate of defenestrations, hence all this brouhaha including better PR than the stellar dumpling has enjoyed for many a moon.

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