23 June 2006


pool stuff

I distinctly recall telling Mama, NO  manual labour.

What does she land me with?

Sorting out dreary pool gear:

  • Are the lilos still 'flateable?
  • Do the water guns still splatter at 15 paces?
  • Flippers still flippin'?
  • Mats still flat enough to tan on or cuddle up on?
  • Lotion sufficiently unguent-ial to stave off sun *and* be good excuse to slather another's buff bod?
  • Is the bedroom-to-pool path swept of stones to ensure pain-free traffic for delicate soles?


    grumpy pool keeper

    It's moments like this that I regret not educating my daughters better so that they could have passed me pocket money to stay on the Isle, married to Safeways' graveyard shift.

    Once a loser, always one, I guess.


    Eric said...

    Weird that you mention "loser", as I'd just read about the unique status of that word in the English language. ("The English language"? Why must I over-write? Why??)

    Busker said...

    "Badger" don't say much; in fact you assume he's sleeping. Then, just when least expected, he fires off a succinct comment. In this case, a rather silly piece of writing by Richard K. Morgan, affecting to take "a long, hard analytical look at what has to be one of the most obnoxious words in the English language--the word loser".
    What a gift of a subject, even for the most obtuse spaz in the Lower Remove.
    *Still* RKM manages to fudge it.