10 June 2006

Temp nix on pub parking ploy

I'm more and more liking Rachel Pritchett's delicate Islander Conversations: nice breezy style for tidbits of news that keep me abreast of my old Island home.

Out with Inn's sprawl spree: I wondered how easy a passage the Harbour Pub would wangle for its inevitable carpark tentacle spread, and am pleased to see a tiny hiccup in its plans.

It'll get its way, of course. Foregone conclusion.

Fact of Island life: Money and influence triumph. Money, influence and booze  positively pulverise the competition.

But good for Judge Haberly shoving an oral spoke in the wheel.

Alas, the certainty of the boozer's success can be gauged by the owners' oafish behaviour and how little they feel the need to disguise what total pricks they are.

Judge H spotted it: Of course agreements between the pub's original owners and the condo' must stand. To hell with this grasping new bunch.

Truth be told, I can't see how all this sliming thru the small print will inspire confidence in any future gullibati lured into doing business with this shower.

Wonderful oily doublespeak from mealy-mouthed Jeff Waite:

"The pub owners do not fully understand the rationale underlying Judge Haberly’s oral ruling but predictably disagree strongly with its effect."

The rationale underlying Judge Haberly's ruling

- That we play fair and by the law.

IncompreHENsible that we be lumped with the Little People and expected to abide by some out-dated piddling agreement.

Predictably disagree strongly with its effect

  • We're bully-boy businessmen.
  • We've been f***ed with.
  • We've been thwarted.

    Wadja expect, duhh? Of course we're pissed off.

    But we'll be back.

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