06 June 2006

RSS - courtesy Superbyw@ys

If there's one area of Web 2.0 that I've remained unsure of - while dishing out confident advice and cool links to others - it's this drat RSS Really Simple Syndication/Rich Site Summary stuff.

Clever piece from Superbyw@ys in his June's Oldie piece.

He's set up a page at Netvibes that you can 'Sign in' to, using his address of webster@theoldie.co.uk and password (webster).

This opens 'Webster's example RSS page' whereon you can see the various boxes and sites that feed them and even a to-do list, which will be as meat and drink to my American brethren who don't even bestir of the morning if it ain't on The List. Brilliant idea.

If you want to set up your own page, sign out of Supie's and sign back in as yourself as per instructions for 'New User' with a convenient email address and password.

The rest will be self-explanatory and if it isn't, you're not a regular busker/corfucius reader.

Good tips from 'byw@ys for your own page:

  • Boot out tech stuff you don't want by hovering over the box for the X to appear and deleting.
  • Click on 'Add content' and 'Feed directory' and choose sites you like the look of.
  • Have some URLs ready of your own current faves that might not be in netvibe's store, and just add them. Most should have RSS ability.
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