10 June 2006

pool fill


  • New filter installed
  • Pump jazzed up
  • Pool bed cleaned
  • Mum's murals touched up.pool start

    Now for the 4 days it takes to fill.

    The fun comes as it rises and we use it as a paddle pool.

    Weather: While on the subject of pools, cool dips and curtseying daughters with trays of drinks and sweetmeats from Araby, note the blazing sunshine in the photos. Zounds, I hope the tourists are applying sunblock galore

    pool wetlLondoners especially: I hear it's 31º back in The Big Smoke.

    Εhευ! Long live Corfiot weather!

    pool long

    As you see, someone forgot to arrange the stones tastefully around the pot on the crate, so - when the sun's abated and it's cool enough to enter - I shall be wading in and doing my Martha Stewart bit with the rockery.

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