15 June 2006

Wednesday Lunch

Out of sheer incompetence with my social calendar, I find myself embroiled in a sort of institutional "Wednesday Luncheon Club" where dubious types like me sit around a rather good €3 meal (avec vino) and chew the breeze, exude erudition and generally set the world to right.

Alas, my last two years in the US left me too cranky and dreary for such a vibrant gathering and it is just not my scene.

Plus, it takes place in the church vestibule which means I am getting horribly familiar with that part of town.

But I did snap one glorious moment - that I can't seem to attach to any textual posting - of the genial Dewey extolling the virtues of callipygia, his lovely lady Marjo (pronounced Mario, as per the Dutch she is) sinking her head in hands at her swain's cheekiness, while the erudite Professor Panos Karos manages a slight stretch of mouth in mirthful appreciation.

I'll try to blog it on its own for wider viewing.

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