15 November 2009



Ian Tomlinson RIP

Reminder video

From what I could make out, Mr Tomlinson was doing no more than standing there - facing away from the police, including the officer who comes up behind him and thumps him to the ground (see video).

  • Ugh, it gets worse. It appears he was assaulted twice.
  • David Howarth was right: our fuzz use the same degree of force on peaceful demonstraters as on violent ones.

    "They seem to only have one trick."

  • Guardian analyses video clip including slow-mo.
  • Police deny attempt to mislead ~ Quoth Deborah Glass, IPCC Deputy Chair: "People are rightly concerned about this tragic death and this footage is clearly disturbing."
  • More than 'disturbing', you silly moo. The Filth must be hopping mad. It exposes the uniformed bully-boys as nothing but lying thugs AND it shows up their masters in cahoots right down the line.
  • Three year wait for inquest
  • What is it with these cameras? ~ Good at picking up images save those showing police criminality
  • Police watchdog wrong ~ there were cameras. Duhh - of course there were. It's only now the facts are emerging that anyone's owning up. Clearly, much more stench to ooze out on this overdue outing of The Filth and their modus operandi over the years.
  • Second attack: Blimey - big bastard, that one at the top. Wouldna've liked to have been the lady who copped that truncheon slap.
  • There's clearly a lot more like this under the dung heap
  • A lot more, such as this preposterous and insulting 'impostor' theory
  • Growing catalogue" exposing The Filth
  • And more ...
  • Dept of Now I've Heard It All [No you haven't - Ed]: Truncheoned totty hires Goody hack for quick buck comp from constabulary.
  • Tourists forced to delete photos in the name of preventing terrorism. Quite right, too - we can't have the police being terrorised with (or terrified of) possible photographic evidence of the way they behave. Bring back the good old days of their word against ours in court and nothing to give their mealy-mouthed fibbing the lie.
  • 'Kettle' - everything you wanted to know but were bludgeoned to the ground too quickly to find out.
  • Violent and aggressive
  • The Filth: "servants not masters"
  • IPCC "serious concerns" over control. In other words, the complete lack of control.
  • More violence comes to light. I'm surprised there aren't more shots of the Fuzz clubbing the cameras out of reporters' hands. Without all this photographic evidence, the Filth would have been able to carry on regardless as per what is clearly their remit.
  • Dept of They Would Say That: Police chiefs defend
  • Riot Police: Taught to treat the Great Unwashed as the enemy.
  • 100-witness dossier and Brutality Dossier
  • "Far beyond remit" - and what's this about Tomlinson dying of internal bleeding ??
  • Third post-mortem on Ian Tomlinson.
  • Photos
  • From the top: officers with no badges to be 'disciplined'. What a cruel tease and slap in the shroud for those who suffered. What 'disciplined'? You lot haven't served that brew since 1964.
  • Cocooned élite
  • Where they clashed
  • Ghoul merchants, pornographers of death - Tommo coverage
  • Anxious to whack us long-haired hippies
  • Role of the IPCC
  • Out of the woodwork: claims of Bobby Brutality
  • May Days rumble
  • 159 Assaults
  • The Filth under scrutiny for 'kettling'
  • G20: Inadequate policing
  • Adequate Commenting: Sinbad recognises that 'the horror' lies right here, in us and in our police.
  • Trial charges loom [Like that'll be the day. The Filth'll slip thru, mark my truncheoned words]
  • Three-day verdict: No Evidence
  • Police Untrustworthy: well we knew that, but hats orf to the Magistrates for speaking for England. Of course the Filth are going to be judge and jury - and what an insult to those two nobles positions to even include them in the same sentence - and right bent job they'll make it, too.
  • No Restrictions on Force
  • 100-foot taser: You know? I absolutely believe that the Filth would gear up with even more evil tools, and this cowards'-length taser fits the bill:
    "The eXtended Range Electronic Projectile (XREP) delivers a 20-second, 500 volt shock to its victims after attaching itself to its target with a series of barbed electrodes.

    Previous Tasers, a non-lethal weapon, only delivered a five-second shock, but could be retriggered and could fire darts up to 25 feet."

  • Don't ask a policeman for his number: cautionary tale

    Let's hear it for


    (Divinely appropriate name for The Filth)

    A glimmer of justice: the odorous Del 'Tony' Smellie has been issued with a court summons following an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

    Nicola Fischer

    Ranks will close, of course, and one of those weasel lawyers the Fuzz have on tap will see that The Smell oozes his way out.

    But I'm marking my calendar with a very big note to monitor the fun

    Internal Polity: (You can't say I don't check and check and edit again)

    Prof Baddeley topping and tailing and making this blog the must-peruse pamphlet it is.


    Sibadd said...

    Good work; especially if anyone argues our police are more professional than MAT (and my daughter's a cop).

    Sibadd said...

    What I wanted to add is not an extenuation. You've assembled impressive material - using the modern methods of the web, a new kind of writing that Voltaire and Tom Paine, even Shelley, would have applauded. Where it leads me is to the recognition that it isn't only in Africa or South America or the Middle East or even Serbia that 'the horror' lies. It's right here, in us and in our police (and therefore my family). I strive to write about this:


    Conrad wrote that for most men are heartless phantoms; their sense of self limited; their 'much vaunted' individuality residing only in their faith in authority and their trust for the police who enforce it. In 'Heart of Darkness', he used Africa as a mirror.