25 November 2009

Σπίτι Mαριχουάνα

Back in the mists of time when our 'help' rode up on a donkey and the road to our house *stopped* at the gates because my parents effing built it for the workmen to reach the land to construct Pagoda Corfuciosa - back then when everyone told my parents they were crazy to live in the sticks, catch malaria, burgled blind by any footpads who managed to negotiate the unlit mule track and creatures that went sqwark and hiss in the night ... my bro and I thought it'd be a super idea to fulfill a dream and put some of the surrounding land to good use.

Dammit, work and 3-wk hols got in the way and then P went orf to France and I got respectable and pompous.

But seeing this trailer reminds me of those crazy plans. If only!

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