22 November 2009

Carla's 'castle' for sale

Don't give a damn about the chateâu.

Show me da pics

  • Fairy-tale castle in Italy, for sale $28 million (£17m)

  • 11th-century, Turin hills, renovated by Bruni’s grandfather, founder of Italian tyre manufacturer CEAT

  • Frescos and marble floors

  • Bruni lived there as a child, playing in 173 acres of parkland

    (Yawn, who didn't?)

    * The pulsing pampas of Tai Po

    * The soaring scenics from Severn Road

    * The shimmering breakers of Shek O

    * The abacus stutter of Stanley Market ("Wait, can give you good price")

    * Idyllic Island House more far

    ("Massah, helicopter come" ~ "Thank you, Lee".)

    As if it needed announcing: Dad's files scattering from the chopper's upwind, marmalade jar spinning, everyone trying to hold down what we could grab, LOL

  • Grandeur of Castle Castagneto Po unrivalled in Northern Italy

  • Family sold the castle to Saudi Arabian billionaire
  • Show me the honey.

    ALLEN ALERT: Cunning Woody corners Carla for next flick.


    What? Obama-mama besting La Carla?

    Utter tosh. Fix!

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