26 November 2009


Hefty competent looking male crasheur, hot chick. Cinch.

Meeting the Prez: I think they sound rather smooth and with-it and very much the sort I'd want at a party.

All this talk of criminal charges is just sour grape sulks because of the major security cockup.

Boy, if they got past all those checks, they deserve to stay and then be paid a large sum of money to reveal how they did it and a further large sum to inspect the rest of the safeguards.

Video: "Michaele Salahi, wearing a gold-accented red sari, clasping her hands around Obama's right hand as her smiling husband, Tareq, looks on."

Faux Queer: Well, you can't say this blog doesn't have a nose.

"The Virginia couple accused of crashing President Obama's first White House state dinner on Tuesday are named in at least 16 different civil suits in Fauquier County, sometimes as plaintiffs, sometimes as defendants."

Fauquier? Don't ask me to even pronounce that.

Not touchin' it.


"Hats off to crashers" - Nick Shakespeare tell it how it is.

Togging and fibbing no laffing matter. Pols push for prosecution.

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