09 November 2009

Hot with a Rod

What's hotter than an attractive woman in her early 30s?

Une gutsée petite who can handle a gun and take a few shots herself.

America will go crazy about this honey.

Parades, ticker-tape, streets named after her ... talk shows, signings, instant book ... poor darlin', everything she'll hate and if it goes wrong (as it always does in that country) ... her life changed forever for the bad.

But what a gal. Look at that face. That gaze. A straight-shooter in more ways than one.

Couldn't have happened to a less deserving victim of the lionisation to follow.

"Kimberly Munley does not look as if she would be much of a match for a heavily armed US soldier on a murderous rampage. But the slightly built 34-year-old civilian officer was first on the scene after Major Nidal Malik Hasan began firing on comrades at Ford Hood in Texas as they prepared to deploy to Afghanistan and Iraq

Thursday afternoon, Ms Munley was doing her usual job of directing traffic on the sprawling base. By chance, she and her partner happened to walk past the Soldiers’ Readiness Processing Centre soon after Major Hasan — armed with two handguns — cornered his fellow soldiers.

Ms Munley succeeded in bringing him down by shooting him four times, even after being hit by a bullet that passed through both her legs."

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