01 November 2009


~ Boo hiss ~ Be a man ~ Jump!

Well, anyone could have told you that King self-referential Bore Fry wouldn't be able to keep his vanity digits away.

I don't know anyone who doesn't  find Fry's Dorkish Delights jejune and pathetic.

Is there a petition out there for stout yeomen to speak for England and beseech him, in the bowels of Christ, to think it possible he may be mistaken about resuming his inconsequential burbles?

  • More of the nincompoop and his faffing - plus clunky quotes from what I can only assume to be 'fans.

    • What does  emerge from all this is how unclearly Fry writes, sounding in patches as if his exit might deprive  us of something and his staying on some sort of a carrot:
      • He's "embarrassed  about having raised the idea that he might stop."

        Do us a favour.

      • "Arrived in LA feeling very foolish. Wasn't the fault of the fellow who called me 'boring', BTW.

        A mood thing. Sunshine will help. So sorry." he driveled on."

      • Oy! No need to feel sorry. Just go. Nor, of course, is it a *fault* to spell out that the Fop's boredom level goes to 11.

        Nay, lad, that were a burst of clear-sightedness, nowt to do with mood or sunshine. Well done that chap who caught the mood and outed the Emperor's dreary clothing.

      • Even the writer of the piece can't find the right tone:
        "One of Fry's fans had the temerity to criticise Fry's utterances on Twitter as boring.

        "I admire and adore Fry," the fan said, "but his tweet's "a bit... boring... (sorry Stephen)".

      • Lucky blighter : "blocked from viewing Fry's Twitter feed".
      • And what's with this tangential bleat about bipolar disorder blah blah talking 'openly in the past about his struggles with the condition blah blah ... "
        Is that meant to mitigate his numbingly naff narcisistic keyboardings?

        Has it not occurred to anyone that Fry's bi-po' might be the cause for his Twitter tripe-o?

        Might that not be a reason why he is so preeningly dull? Double Duhhh ...

      • "With his ego bruised, Fry commented: "Think I may have to give up on Twitter. (Yaayyy!!)

        Too much aggression and unkindness around."

      • In a direct message to the user who had criticised him: "You've convinced me. I'm obviously not good enough.

        I retire from Twitter."

      • Well effing do it, man ... don't just wank on about aggression and unkindness.

        Vamoose, fer chrissake ... have a good cry.

        Have two cries then on yer bike and put us out of our misery.

    Somebody talk sense to the old softie and explain the public service he'd do one and all by moving his waffling elsewhere.
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