23 November 2009


I wish I knew about these things - I had a listless free yesterday.

I wish I knew about a whole lot of just such events and was even offered a large sum of money to plug this gap by setting up a timely subscription email alert to just such goings-on as this film fest.

I'd have been ace at it and would have ferreted out all the cool events.

But it can't be done: it's such a disparate community here and no one lets on so I'd miss all sortsa cool stuff and subscribers like me would moan and bitch and threaten cancellation,

"For God's sake man, I pay you good money and you can't even frigging spot the frigging Corfu frigging Film Festival under yer nose.

Fer chrissake, what sort of newsletter are you running?

[Unsigned] Grumpy of Gouvia (and Pissed-off of Pelekas seconds my emotion)"

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