18 November 2009


One day, one day, I'm going to enfold that woman in a second 'Gate Hug' and, as Henri sets out the Pol Roger and lights the candles on the patio, we will glide to Trenet's definitive rendering.

It will be l'heure du crépuscule and Fifi will be laying out an amuse-gueule .

We will sway closer

("Attention! Des 'wandering hands', comment on dit?"

"Just hands, my little choufleur, they're called 'hands', at the end of the wrist, très utiles")

Then, because I'm greedy for that honed body, I will play Françoise.

One day - and it's a-coming soon.

And if the wandering mains are judged vaut le detour, the other Francois devrait le clincher.

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