05 November 2009


Watching the Iranian troops' dulcet delrovian treatment of their own countrymen and women reminds me that we're coming up to the Smellie-cop-ter's day in court.

A mere 9 days as the truncheon flies:

16 NOVEMBER 2009

Culture of Impunity: The reminders just keep coming in of what sort of job environment 'Tony' grew up in and certainly grew used to. Plus, having bulked up in his youth to flatten Smellie père for not changing the name by deed poll, by the time he joined the Force, he was such big fellah that he was prolly Walking Impunity itself and set his own culture.

The Beak will take a dim view of this but I think it should be used in mitigation: the Big Guy never stood a chance. I don't know what his IQ is but if you study his expression in the photos, there is not a huge array of alert emotion there ... he would have absorbed the Impunity vibes around him and been shaped accordingly ... anyway, only NINE days to go and all will be revealed.

  • SKY NEWS ~ 'Enough Evidence To Charge Cop': Just when I think the meedja has gone depressingly quiet, into my email alert box plonks this reminder that the Crown has enough on Big Del' to wag a disapproving finger and make him stand in the corner complete with Riot Squad Dunce Cap.

    Don't you love the directness of Sky's headline? No roobish about "Sufficient information to warrant closer scrutiny" or some such namby-pambia - straight to the chase: Enough evidence to charge cop.

    Charged phrasing in itself. One can almost hear Stalky removing the cane from the glass-fronted cabinet and resting it against the armoire in readiness for the "Bend down!"

    Also no gloss about our Tone's 'restraining' or 'cautioning' or 'shepherding' the young Brightonian or other mendacious euphemisms granted our demure constabulary.

    "The beating of Nicola Fisher."

    Bam! Jus' like that. No beating about the bush - just as the video shows no shilly-shallying by Delroy in his beating about Ms Fisher 's bush.

    A fair cop of a somewhat unfair cop for all to see. It's official, what was dealt la Nicola was a "beating".

  • "Ms Fisher from Brighton was allegedly hit on April 2 as she walked to a vigil for Ian Tomlinson, who died the previous day."

    Some sub obviously decided that one use of 'beating' got the message across and 'hit' would do thereafter. I trust Learnèd Counsel will stick with the former.

  • I assume that the Brighton Argus has its sharpest reporters on this sad saga of "Local girl duffed bad" - but wait! Wouldn't that be a clash of interests?
  • Surely it's the Argus that's "recruiting police community bloggers" for what must be the clunkiest en retard stable door white-wash since the infant Delroy chucked his Junior Nunchaku out of his security crib.
  • What a laugh - can't you just picture all the draft bloggings being logged up in anticipation of the Nicolagate verdict.
  • I will monitor these and report back with the more risible.

    'Til the 16th and SmellieGate!

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