25 November 2009


Humiliation Alert: Fellow chaps out there, deliver on your promises to the ladies.

Otherwise they'll go embarrassingly public about

  • Nights of passion
  • Your playing "sultan" to a "harem" of gorgeous young women.
  • Glam starlets and showgirls at your beck and buck
  • Their amazement at your stamina in the sack.

    Imagine having to face the lads dahn t'pub when it's common knowledge that a sexy hot blonde is dissing you in terms of:

    • "He took my breath away. I took him inside me, he suffocated me with kisses."
    • A performance for which "he could get into the Guinness Book of Records".
    • Struggling to enjoy the moment ... Berlusconi "took it like a challenge", keeping her up until 8am."
    • "I am much younger than him, and quite an expert ... But there were moments when I feared I would not stand up to his assaults. Does he take something? I have asked myself many times."

    Reminds me of a 'scandal' many years ago when the mistress of some business tycoon revealed that he wanted it 5 times a night. Boss of GEC, I think it was.

    Impressed and jealous that the oldster could guide the destinies of his business empire *and* have it off in one night as many times as most of them were getting in 10, the punters sent the stock soaring.

    Nativity figures

    Silvio's Babes

    Silvio - Siete arrivati!

    Cosa? Anatomicamente corretta figurine dei tuoi amici signora pettoruta a disposizione posto intorno al mio presepe albero di Natale?

    Il saggio re #1: "Ooh, certamente la lussuria dopo quella bionda. Ma io non la tua fantasia."

    Il saggio re #2: "Aspettate fino a quando vede le dimensioni del mio incenso"

    Il saggio re #3: "furia per le bambole. Sto aspettando il colpo-up bambola di Noemi"

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