05 November 2009


~ Yob of the Day ~

  • A couple who shamed a yob by writing his name in the window he smashed are told by the Fuzz to remove it ... "in case it harms his 'civil liberties'."
  • Civil Liberate this, you idiots!

  • Bravo Dennis and Christine Lusby ~ Name and Shame to your hearts' content.
  • Defy the Rozzers
    • I mean, just look at the smug self-satisfied look on that oily mug over there.
    • That bulbous blob of an aardvark conk.
    • Too off-putting for words.
  • Den' and Christine: "We were warned by the police for writing it because they say it's taking away his civil liberties.

    What about our  civil liberties?

    We chose to quietly ignore the police advice."

    ^5, guys.

  • The drunken twit caused £3,000 worth of damage in a vandalism spree during which he smashed a window of a farmhouse, damaged a car and threw a boulder at another house.
  • He then turned his attention to the Lusbys' property, smashing the windows of their car and their shop, St Breward Stores.
  • Where are the Smellies of Dock Green when we need them, eh? I bet Del boy would have tweaked young Benjie by his shell-like and walked him briskly home for a right talking to by Mum 'n' Dad.
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