27 November 2009

That's right: Corfucios Enterprises of Harlech, London and Lefkimmi.

Moved in on the Headliopoulos mob, didn't I?

Made the Big Leek an offer Kosta's Kokkini kai Deckeros hovering over his knee caps made difficile  to refuse ...

And now his empire (and woman) is mine.

Muah ha ha!

No, you fools! That was to lure imbeciles like me to read on.

Youse don't mess with Dai Kahuna Grande.

  • AaRON'S TIME MACHINE ~ Free. Gratuit.

  • Neil Smith, former tech guru at fotoLibra, in cahoots with Warlord Headley of fotoStan, have been working on a set of iPhone apps.
  • First one released yesterday.

    Aaron’s Time Machine: London Lyte!


    How many times got to say it?

    Check it out, dudes.

    (Mistress Yvonne ~ That come out right?

    Get my peck on t'cheek now?)

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