19 November 2009


~ Bulger, Venables & Thompson ~

Sounds like a firm of solicitors. I thought I'd shove it up there in case it catches the eye of some alert hitman.

The subject is revived because I've been sent (and forwarded, me fool) one of those daft petitions to do summat or other.

I don't really worry about such trivia; any excuse to post anything and look back on my own bloggings is good enough for me.

Any road, as I was making a fool of myself forwarding this outdated petition to delroy the elusive killers of young Bulger, I came across the curry n rice link and remembered some petulant Paki khaki stuff.

The curry vid still looks pretty funny.

Loipon, onward to track down some of my many postings about Venables and Thompson (plug plug) and see what new shine I can put on them.

(It's just a big excuse to keep posting pics of that hot Denise; I don't care a paki persimmon if the petition's run its course)

Psst - Break the Chain.

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