27 November 2009


I have no idea if this advocacy of sideways hugs is satirical but it could easily be sincere, knowing

  • (a) Americans' potential for any sort of silliness in the name of fame
  • (b) Religiosi in general.

    So ...

    Gimme Dat Christian Side Hug is

    "by a band of rappers apparently linked to a Californian ministry called The Father’s House which advocates standing side-by-side when hugging, to avoid the uncontrollable temptation that hugging face-to-face – and therefore crotch-to-crotch – would lead to.

    “This ain’t no front hug zone,” proclaims one of the rappers, who goes on to warn listeners that front hugs should only be permitted after marriage, adding: “Jesus never hugged nobody like that”.
    Unfortunately for Bible scholars, the performer fails to give scriptural chapter and verse to back up his claim."

    "There is some debate over whether the video is satirical: a site called Stuff Christians Like, an avowed satire, does mention the Side Hug (although it carefully points out it is nothing to do with the video), and commenters on various blogs claim it is an elaborate joke."

    Chortle, but seriously - anything that'll put the boot in to that appalling 'Sign of Peace' smoochathon is a good thing. Even this flu thing has had a silver lining by cutting out all that kissy huggy nonsense that went on at Corfu's Holy Trinity.

    Lawdy that was terrifying.

    If the two schools I rotted in hadn't squelched any churchy leanings, the Mavili Maulers would have clinched it.

    I love the phrase 'front hug zone'. Front anything, in fact, since that divine interview by Dame Edna with Doug Fairbanks Jr during which he talked of Joan Crawford and with that Edna 'look' delicately worked the topic round from La C's pert rump to her ... 'front bottom.'

    How the audience howled and Fairbanks parried with aplomb.

    I can't *wait* to see the Youtube spoofs to come on this.

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