09 November 2009

Sisters of Shame

I'm still laughing at the latest offering by my Google Corfu Alert - I knew it would pay off in the end.

Not laughing at the poor mutt in the photo, of course.

Terrible things done to animals all over the world and one needs crusading types to expose the evils, altho' more often than not in my experience - Hong Kong and around SE Asia and now here - there are swivel-eyed types who ruin it for the others.

Anyway, I click on the Care2 link to stir my conscience and start reading the responding comments and just fall about guffawing.

Read them for yourselves: they've totally taken their eye off the ball and are moaning away about some holy order of the Sisters of Tsagaraki. There's even one ignorant detour to smackmouth the Vatican.

Do your homework, guys ... they're not a religiosa bunch, they're firkin SISTERS, fer chrissake (to bring religion right back in, lol).

Andrews and Beverley Sisters? The Brontes? Mary-kate and Ashley? Joan & Jackie Collins ... Kylie & Danni ? Wake up, you midnight hags!

Now look what they've made me do, reveal where my true culture tastes lie.

Actually, to digress (as is my wont), in the Texan recovery pub after the birth of my first daughter, I was sitting nursing a scotch and savouring the feeling of being an actual dad when my neighbour - big bloke - turned to me and asked,

"Do you know when Mary-kate and Ashley turn legal?"
This was Feb 1984 so that was a valid question albeit on a suspect premise. I didn't and told him so and he told me back that, well, I should because ... it's coming up.

Actually, it wasn't but I was now so fixated on the momentous date that I went round asking people - not a good idea for a new father anywhere but particularly dangerous in Texas.

So, back to the Sisters of Tsagaraki ... how thick can you get?

I mean, really.

What is it about people who care deeply about animal safety and wellbeing that they tend to be such nutters?

Sheesh - poor animals to have such off-putting advocates.

I love animals and hate to see them in any distress or pain and would gladly contribute cash or lend muscle to any cause that would improve their state ... but it would mean mixing with exactly the shrill types who bang on here and in thousands of other websites.

They mean well but are their own worst enemy and consequently also of the very creatures they seek to save.

But back to the laughter, do read the thread - there's a Pythonesque genius in how each writer caps the previous one in daft misunderstanding.

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