16 November 2009

RIP Edward Woodward

'Callan' was one of my favourite programmes.

I even tried to get Elleston 'Adam Hall' Trevor to consider him for the role of Quiller.

Woodward was a militaria enthusiast and we met when I was handling PR for Frederick Muller whose list for collectors was one of the best.

I manned our stand at these arms fairs, surrounded by gun nutters talking muskets and Buntlines and snaphaunce locks and the use of socket bayonets on firearms with double-necked hammers.

Edward was passing by and I stiffened at his approach. His eye was caught by an advance copy of old military prints and he reached for his cheque book to place an order but I shoved it straight in a bag and handed it to him with a

"Thank you very much, Mr Woodward. That's all in order."

"But don't you want some ... er ... money?"

I gave him my 'Keep yer voice down, blithering idiot' look and blasted him with a steely glare (not an easy feat to the country's favourite hard man private dick):

"Thank YOU, Mr Callan, I'm sorry I mean Mr *Woodward* . Much obliged for ..."

He got it in one and shook my hand.

I wrote my name on the catalogue and he flipped thru it and spotted a November facsimile at a mere £350:

"I'll be back when this little pamphlet hits the streets."

Laughter and winks.

Good bloke, plus the definitive Wicker Man.

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