23 November 2009


To the opening night of the Festival where I fall in love with everyone.

First off, I fall in love with the wonderful catalogue booklet - in English - that I cannot believe is free and keep checking with the staff if I *really* can't make a contribution.

Maman suggests we get 20 or so to give to our guests and I tell her that it is a wonderful production done for the benefit of patrons and not for filching by the likes of us: I know our guests, they would accept copy with an oozy smile and simply not open it.

But I will nick 6 when I got to hear the 'cool' jazz with Ms Lia ce soir.

  • Loipon, I swoon over the lady who hands me the programme and asks me how I heard of the show, I tell her I am an avid patron and it could have been the Net, it could have been some cunning blog. She does not know blog.
  • I cheer all the pols and molls who welcome us
  • The pianist is diminutive but perfectly formed and with a wonderful chin.

    (Word to the wise, if you ain't got a chiseled profile to jut as you look soulfully up at the ceiling, don't give up that day job. Concert ivories ain't for you)

  • I glower at the impossibly handsome young man who sings too well for his own manly jaw.
  • I am entranced by the grace, self-possession and clear voice of the beautiful young lady singer.
  • But a cloud darkens the festive sky: Maman reads the booklet and notices it does not list any churches. I'm not too convinced it should but I'm not a churchy chap and the mag is free so the editors can omit whatever irrelevances they choose.

    Unfortunately, the cover title is 'destination CORFU 2010' so I am legless to suggest that it is not a tourist brochure.

    Nor is the address given in Lee Durrell's piece on page 14 of the Durrell School. Tsk.

  • But the opposite page is interesting on the Corfu-born Albert Cohen and the indefatigable Dr Spiro Giorgas has his email address at the bottom for anyone interested in further information on the forthcoming tribute to this hero. You read it here first ~ big celebration planned and Dr G is the man to pull it off.
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