22 November 2009


Facebook Fenella demands,

"Why isn't this also on yr blog? It's hilarious."

Her wish ....

CAPPING COMMENT: Sinbad asks why I didn't use this one?

Why? WHY? Because I didn't effing know about it. Tosser.

My usual style is to delete ace comments such as this, post the vastly better link as my own and preen on.

But he's so good - did you catch his Koliopoulos piece? - that focus groups have shown that he makes my blog look good by making *me* looking bad.

OK. This once. The kid stays in the movie.

But I'm watching him.

NOT MY QUOTE: "Simon is the only male participant I have in my study ... I’d say that he is probably the wisest too!"

Faugh! So much toadying rubbish on the Internet these days.


Simon Baddeley said...

Why not this?

Simon Baddeley said...

yeah but I didn't know about until you posted the first one...
I'm still in Melbourne. Borrowed a bicycle and dipped my toes in the southern ocean. Did Plato's atoms really reach this far?

Busker said...

Okey doke. Oiled outta that one good. Badass lives to comment another day.